eNGO In Meghalaya

S.No. Organisation Name URL
1 A-Chik Evangelical Association www.aeaindia.in
2 Voluntary Health Association Of Meghalaya www.vham.in
3 Women for Integrated Sustainable Empowerment www.wiseshilong.in
4 Don Bosco Technical School Shillong www.donboscoshillong.in
5 Grace Foundation Group www.gracefoundation.in
6 Lumparing Thrift and Credit Society www.ltcsociety.in
7 The Kirsty Youth Welfare Organization www.kirsty.in
8 Nongkrem Youth Development Association www.nongkrem.in
9 Nature and motivation – Rural Human Empowerment Network Association(NAM-RHENA) www.namrhen.in
10 Protection and Conservation of Environment www.paceindia.in
11 Nangroi Hynniewtrep Organization www.nangroi.in
12 Jyoti Sroat School For the Life With Dignity www.jyotisroat.in
13 Ribhoi Area Welfare Association www.rawashilong.in
14 Bethany Society www.bethanysociety.in
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