What is e-NGO

eNGO is a Low Cost & sustainable Web Solution

The eNGO web service package is designed in a way to provide services at a minimal cost which is sustainable and a low cost solution for grassroots organizations unlike any commercial service at market value.

At the moment, under eNGO Service one can get a full website with a minimal cost including designing and uploading of the content.

However, if the need for an NGO is more than just a website, such as e-commerce, shopping rack, or any such service, that could be offered on cost to cost basis.

Also, the website would be offered in any Indian language, and while the content preparation is responsibility of the NGO, the gradual update mechanism and the system would be provided toNGO after the first time readiness of the website.There would be user manual on how to maintain and manage and udate the website.

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    what will be the cost of website

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