Features & Objectives

eNGO Features

  1. A local digital content platform for national and global audience.
  2. An informative and communication platform.
  3. A networking platform.
  4. A platform to air local issues for wider audience.
  5. A virtual identity and presence in the global web platform.
  6. A bottom up content creation mechanism and outreach.

eNGO Objectives

Through the e-NGO initiative, Digital Empowerment Foundation aims to provide NGOs a digital or web space -in local languages and/or English-, increasing their visibility and to empower them with useful tools that can facilitate and enhance their daily activities in:

  1. Communication & Outreach: communicating their objectives and outreach of their activities to various stakeholders.
  2. Fundraising: attracting donors showing current and future projects and collecting funds trough e-fundraising platforms.
  3. Partnerships & direct linking with other institutions: to facilitate horizontal outreach and synergies with other organisations.
  4. Human Resource Support: To have access to volunteers and interns from India and foreign countries, to have access to skilled human resources interested in their development issues.
  5. Giving voice to local issues: giving testimonies of local situations trough the use of photographs, text and video and highlighting problems of local nature at national and international levels.
  6. Showcasing local content for global outreach: eNGO platform enables grassroots organizations to showcase local content for global audience for wider recognition and connectivity.
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