About eNGO

NIXI-DEF National e-NGO Programme:

eNGO is a web enabled platform for grassroots Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisations. It is a cost effective web platform and service delivery with free of cost domain space and thereby facilitating hundreds and thousands of such grassroots organization to have a virtual identity and information and communication platform for outreach and scale up. DEF has engaged National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) to propel this eNGO programme targeting NGOS/CBOs/SHGs. The programme, with support from National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), is aimed at capacity building of grassroots organisations in ICT enablement. NIXI provides .in registry free for target organisations for five years. This way local content is being generated and encouraged for bottom up information and communication services needs.

Why eNGO:

There are currently more than 1.2 million NGOs / CBOs and Self Help Groups in India and the majority of them do not have a proper webpage. Most of the NGOs working at the grassroots level thus remain unknown and do not earn the appreciation and benefit coming from sources that can provide tremendous energy to them. This anonymity might have been caused for reasons like lack of finance, expertise and foresight.

For Whom:

  1. For hundreds of grassroots civil society and community building organizations active in India and in need of a visible virtual identity and presence across the globe.
  2. For those grassroots organizations who wants to reach out to maximum stakeholders beyond its immediate community.
  3. For those who is in need of a virtual identity and presence in this age of globalization and networking.
  4. For those community building organizations who is cost strapped to avail a range of web services at an affordable costs with a customized package.
  5. Unlike those commercial service providers, providing organizations a low cost web services and an outreach and communication presence.
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